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Review #1

Reviewed by: Lucinda E Clarke 

Review Rating:  5 Stars


Reviewed by Lucinda E Clarke for Readers’ Favorite

Jinx (Valerie) Curry is the star of Tracey Lampley’s book All Money Ain’t Good Money. She is a single mum and works as a private investigator for Capricorn Hayes – they are also having an affair. The problem, as far as Tracey is concerned, is that she is only ever given tame assignments such as stalking cheating husbands and wives. She longs for a big case and her chance comes when she is tasked with finding the missing daughter of a congressman. She has no idea of the danger she will face as she interviews a prominent rapper who is surrounded by bodyguards; the politician himself with more than a few shady connections; and a black Corvette that attempts more than once to run her over. Add to this, a pregnant teenage daughter who is hell on wheels and a bomb designed to kill both of them. Altogether, Jinx is not having a good life.

All Money Ain’t Good Money is the first book in the Jinx Curry Mysteries by Tracey Lampley. It is an easy read, and the plot is straightforward. Jinx has just about everything thrown at her. There are several attempted assassinations, thugs threatening her with guns, a mother with a gambling problem whose debts she needs to pay, and an impatient loan shark who is doubling the interest every day. Set in the Stone Mountain area near Atlanta, the majority of the characters are of African American descent and the dialogue reflects this. It is essentially a very American book, where the characters carry guns, and indulge in a healthy interest in the bedroom. The reader bonds with the characters. The relationship between Jinx and her daughter Arielle is horrific. I wanted to give the daughter a good shake and admired Jinx’s patience with her. The book has a good storyline and a satisfactory ending.



Review #2

Reviewed by: Bryone Peters 

Review Rating: 4 Stars 


Reviewed by Bryone Peters for Readers’ Favorite

All Money Ain't Good Money by Tracey Lampley is a detective story that will keep readers captivated from start to finish. The protagonist, Jinx Curry, asks for a different investigative case than the marital infidelity ones usually assigned to her. She has to find Elena, the granddaughter of a prominent, much-feared, domineering politician. Elena could be dead or on the run. Jinx has to solve the case in one week, or she will lose a much-needed cash bonus. However, can Jinx focus in addition to the weight of her own problems? Plus, someone is trying to kill her, increasing her stress even further. And being romantically involved with her boss is often stifling. Jinx is resolute that no one is taking this case from her.

All Money Ain't Good Money by Tracey Lampley is a modern-day investigative novel with many twists. Readers will be kept guessing who the main suspect is and whether Elena is alive. Jinx, the protagonist, does not give up easily despite having a tough time. It is evident from the dialogue that she is a tough, caring, and responsible mother. I was intrigued by the drama of her daughter at a rebellious age. It struck a chord with me as the scenes unfolded; the tough decisions of a single parent when juggling a crucial time in her career. The suspects, Elena's boyfriend and Congressman Calloway, were equally strong, increasing the mystery behind the case. The story contains a fair amount of mature content and therefore is suitable for adults only.



Review #3: 

Reviewed by: Angelique Papayannopoulos 

Review Rating: 5 Stars 


Reviewed by Angelique Papayannopoulos for Readers’ Favorite

All Money Ain’t Good Money by Tracey Lampley is book one of the Jinx Curry Mystery series. An amateur private investigator, Jinx Curry spends her days spying on and photographing cheating partners. Capricorn Hayes, Jinx's boss and love interest, assigns her the case of Elena, Congressman Calloway's missing granddaughter. After solving this missing person's case, Jinx will receive a promotion and a fifty-thousand-dollar bonus, which will deal with a menacing creditor. The investigation, however, proves to be much more dangerous and deadlier than she had expected. Jinx needs to solve this case before more victims are killed and her already fragile relationship with her daughter Arielle is at risk. There are several suspects in Elena's disappearance, including the congressman himself. Is he trying to conceal a scandal that might affect his re-election? Jinx’s task is daunting, especially since a stalker in a black Corvette is hot on her trail.

All Money Ain't Good Money is an action crime thriller that will keep the reader riveted from start to finish. This skilled narrative from Tracey Lampley is engaging and positively invigorating. One is immersed in the compelling characters and will be kept guessing who is involved in the mystery. A common theme throughout the plot is the protagonist's determination and strength to solve the puzzle at all costs. Her courage and perseverance, as well as her maternal instinct to protect, are strong themes. There are twists and turns in this plot with a surprising ending. It is an action-packed page-turner filled with relationships, secrets, and scandals. Readers who love crime and detective novels will find this book exhilarating and gripping. Some language is explicit, and some mild sexual content is present, but the story is compelling.

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