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Image by Annie Spratt


A Novella

Torn between two men, mistress Kate Mercer no longer wants to be a kept woman. She craves independence. So she dumps her millionaire boyfriend, handsome attorney, Carrington Grant, for her much younger ex-boyfriend, former football player Lamar Burton. After discovering her unplanned pregnancy, Kate shockingly finds out that one of her suitors wants her dead. If you love woman-in-jeopardy stories with romance and suspense, you’ll love this novella, the first book in a series.



A Novella

Sex. Lies. Murder. Sexy former mistress, Kate Mercer, marries a handsome former football player. But her jealous former sugar daddy, Attorney Carrington Grant, lurks in the shadows, waiting to claim his trophy. ‘Till death do us part literally finds Kate and her husband in a death struggle against several players seeking revenge against Kate. Could it be Kate’s spurned former lover? Could it be an old lady who thirsts for Kate’s blood? Or could it be the hot guy Kate just befriended? Kate fights to protect her family. This is the second novella in the Kept series. If you like murder mysteries and romantic suspense, you’ll love Kept Book 2.

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