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Author Submission Guidelines.

Author Submission Guidelines


All Popular Genres Are Considered. You Can Target Any Audience. Before Submitting, Please Be Certain Your Books Meet the Requirements Listed Below to Receive a Minimum Of 3 Reviews. Requirements Include:


  • For a launch, please submit ARCs 1 to 3 months in advance. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee a review prior to your book’s launch/release. All other ARCs are welcome at anytime for a review. Email us at Thank you


  • There are no restrictions on publication dates. erotic books and non-erotic images are permitted if you indicate this material exists when submitting.


  • Follow me  @Bookmistress1 on X, formerly known as Twitter, follow @tralam4156 on Instagram, to visit my website and sign up to my newsletter at This will help you because it grows our following.  Again, this helps you and other authors grow your readership. More reviews will result in more sales for you—especially if one of our readers decides to be so kind as to buy your book after reading it. Then they could post a verified purchase review.


  • Multiple submissions are acceptable but not within the same email submission. 


  • All books must be written in English.



  • All books should be somewhat grammatically correct. state whether your book has been edited—professionally or otherwise. If your book has not been edited, we provide developmental editing and copy-editing services for a nominal fee.


What is Developmental Editing? Also called macro editing, my developmental checklist includes:

  • Hook: Does it serve its purpose?

  • Point of View: Has the author used the appropriate one? Is the most interesting person or the one with the most to gain or lose narrating the story?

  • Conflict: Is conflict and tension present in every scene? Is the main conflict driving the story?

  • Character: Are the characters authentic? Does the main character evolve, grow?

  • Plot: Are there holes in the plot? Where does the story sag?

  • Tone: Has the author struck the correct tone, and is it maintained throughout the story?

  • Flashbacks: Are they appropriate, and is the correct verb tense used?

  • Pacing: Does your prose follow the rules of pacing?


My creative writing classmates’ list may slightly differ from mine, but not by much. Meaning, they may include some copyediting elements in their macro editing.


What is copyediting? Also called micro editing, my copyediting checklist includes:

  • Language: This is all-encompassing. Check for use of strong nouns and verbs and eliminate extraneous adjectives and adverbs for clarity.

  • Redundancy: Are you saying the same things but in a different manner? Or have you written the same word three time within one page?

  • Show and Tell: Is it best to dramatize a scene or shorten a scene with summary?

  • Beginnings, Endings, & Transitions: Are they seamless?

  • Presentation: Is the inside of your book pleasing. Are the paragraphs large unreadable or boring blocks? Or is your book reader-friendly consisting of the appropriate amount of white space?


Let me know if your book has been properly edited by you or someone else, so that you are not surprised when a reader stops reading due to bad grammar. 


Although not mandatory, I'm asking every author to try and get one  to two readers to sign up for my newsletter. Why, do you ask? Well, the more readers I can recruit, the more reviewers I will have in my stable. These readers may indicate they'd only want to read one or two books per month--or even more. Or they may decline to read any. The point is, if I have more readers, you and other authors will obtain more legitimate honest reviews. When it's time for your book's new release, you can stagger up to 10 reviews. Are you getting my concept? I'm here to help.


Also, every author is guaranteed 3 honest reviews for a new release like yours. Eventually, I'll be able to work this up to 5 to 10 so that you can have these readers who are also authors stagger posting reviews for your launch so that it looks great on Amazon. If an author is willing to review one book per month,you will receive reviews from a wide selection. You will not receive a review from anyone you've reviewed so that you can deliver an honest review without fear of retribution for awarding a review of less than 5 stars. 

For review request, email us at: Thank you.


If you have a website, I would love to guest post. Or I would love for you to either interview me, my main character, or my villain.



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