Sexual Harassment & Your Female Coworkers

The two-faced manager at the office projects two images. In one image, he presents himself as a professional, highlighting his family-man status. In the other image, he furtively seeks office sex games from unwilling lower level workers like yourself.

You’ve become prey. At first you find the situation confusing. But you soon learn that you must decide whether to play the sex game in the office.

Perhaps you feel compelled to comply with your boss’s sexual overtures. After all, how will you feed your family? How will you pay your bills?

But what happens if you refuse to play the sex game in the office? Unless you have connections that can assist you with the dilemma, you become the hunted one. Everyone knows the boss wants to sleep with you. Hell, some even figure the boss already has slept with you.

Next, bold male coworkers proceed to make their move. One or two asks you out. You turn them down because you don’t want to mix business with pleasure. And all hell breaks loose.

Loose is definitely how the office subsequently labels you. After all, you had to do something to keep the men chasing you. Perhaps they really did catch you. But what if they didn’t catch you? Coworkers will have destroyed your office reputation for nothing.

And who can you turn to at the office? No one. Other coworkers fear speaking up. But then you have that majority that prove vicious. You know who they are. Other women.

Instead of holding their hand out to you, your female coworkers cross their arms. Or clench their fists.

Whether it’s because of pure jealousy or because of plain snobbishness, other women can prove detrimental to your career and health. Non supportive coworkers hold little or no tolerance for victims of sexual harassment. Instead those coworkers heap insults and join in the fun and games against you.

What can you do about other coworkers partnering with management to destroy your office reputation? If you haven’t already, you should file sexual harassment and hostile work environment charges at a Fair Employment Practices Agency like the EEOC. If this step has already been completed, you should file continuous retaliation charges.

Although you will not gain any friends by blowing the whistle on others, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The EEOC may help you win the pending sexual harassment and continuous retaliation charges.

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