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TAXED! How Republicans Enacted An Abortion Tax

Updated: Apr 8

Although conservatives boast about never raising taxes, after they overturned Roe v. Wade, they’ve somehow enacted the most egregious tax of all. A ginormous Republican abortion tax! Republicans have enacted this tax that strangles the wallets of the African-American working class poor, Latinx working class poor, and white working class poor.


You’re a pregnant woman. You and your spouse or boyfriend cannot afford to take time off work to travel to a different state in order to have an abortion. So, why should your state government encroach on your wallet by enacting  what amounts to a “tax” on everyone for having an out-of-state abortion?


For the working poor, the abortion tax is insurmountable. It costs women in lost income from jobs that don’t allow paid time off. It also results in women scrimping and borrowing money in order to pay for essentials like transportation, food and lodging in the destination state. So what do we do? Vote! Tell the pro-lifers to let go of your uterus, and stay out of your wallet.


Remember: Donald Trump first campaigned on overturning Roe v. Wade by appointing conservative Justices. He delivered on his promise then bragged about it later. When people show you who they are . . .


Pro-lifers like the former president want to stifle your economic freedom by enacting Draconian policies that drain you of much needed income. 


Republicans force women with unwanted pregnancies to give birth. Most times, this Conservative policy results in insurmountable struggles for women and families to raise their children while these same so-called Conservatives make cuts to WIC, a program providing essential nutrition for women, infants, and children.


These same lawmakers also slash funding for daycare and pre-school which negatively impacts a woman’s ability to find employment or find safe, economically compatible child care. Here are 5 reasons to examine the pro-lifer’s tax-laden abortion policy:


1.   Pro-lifers control your economic growth if you unexpectedly get pregnant. At this point, they control your uterus and economic growth.

2.   Pro-lifers want to cut off daycare for struggling single mothers or families. Pro-lifers call it welfare. We call it much needed assistance.


3.   Pro-lifers yell, “Get a job!” What if you’re working fifty hours per week, and you’re still toiling among the working poor?



4.   Pro-lifers called economic assistance to the working poor welfare. Pro-lifers balked at President Biden’s $3,600 per child tax credit which helped many working families. That’s been cut to about $2,000.


5.   Pro-lifers loved cutting “welfare” or “entitlements” to the working class, but they relished passing ginormous tax cuts that awarded corporate “welfare” to millionaires and billionaires.


The Conservative’s policy of providing tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires exploded the deficit under former President Donald Trump.


But the Democratic policy of making abortions legal and safe strengthened the economics of individuals and families who made a personal choice to have an abortion.


If we give President Joe Biden a Democratic congress, we can enact change. Give him more than 52 Democratic senators, and he will sign a bill making abortions legal in every state.  So, vote your reproductive and economic interest.


Vote Democratic down the ballot. This includes voting for your  Democratic congressman, senator and president so women don’t have to scrimp and borrow money for traveling, hotel and food to obtain a legal and safe abortion across state lines. Or worse—in another country! Key benefits to defeating Republican at the ballot box are economic freedom and control of your own uterus.


Do not vote against your economic interest—which is the right to decide when to start a family. If you cannot afford a child or another child, why should state or federal government decide your timeline for you?


Safe and legal abortions impact the economic interest of yours, mine, and ours.


Even if you’re a Conservative and love your congressman or senator, ask yourself this: Would a Republican senator like Ted Cruz protect the reproductive rights of your daughter? Your granddaughter? Your  sister or your wife? Or, would that conservative politician risk your loved one’s own right to life as well as her ability to have future children in order to remain in good standing with Donald Trump?


Would that Conservative hold the party line by considering embryos children and therefore preventing IVF?


Vote your reproductive and economic interests now then return to your conservative ideology next election term. This means voting for Maryland's Democratic senatorial candidate instead of the former popular Republican governor of that state. We need a supermajority.


President Biden signing a national abortion bill into law will improve the economic freedoms and plights of African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and white working poor. Perhaps he’ll throw a crumb to the millionaires and billionaires. #RepublicanAbortionTax #TaxedAbortionsForWorkingClass


My short story, “The Ransom,” will be published soon. For a free copy, visit my website at, and I’ll email it to you. Thank you for reading this post.



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