I went through hell. It started with an insult, a terrible verbal attack. It wasn’t the first time I’d been insulted on my job. But it was the first time I’d been insulted with such a degrading proposition. A superior looked at me and said, “I’ll give you two coupons for free White Castle hamburgers in exchange for you sexing me up.” Yes, a superior joked about having sex with me in exchange for hamburgers. There, in the office, he was treating me like a prostitute.
That offensive proposition marked the beginning of the end of my career with the State of Ohio. Unfortunately, the end didn’t come until years later. As I tried to defend myself, I faced extensive retaliation, threats, and humiliation. I lost my sense of self-worth. I lost my financial footing. I lost my closest relationships. I lost my faith. I lost my profession. All because of sexual harassment in the workplace.
I no longer see myself only as a victim; rather, I’m a survivor. I regained my soul and relationships and faith. That’s why I’m writing How to Survive the Dirty Secret of Sexual Harassment: Advice from a Survivor: to compassionately help the hundreds of thousands of women who have suffered or are suffering, and to give these victims real-world solutions for defense, healing, and prevention.
Although this is my first non-fiction book, I have published a mini-mystery short story in Woman’s World, in 2002, and the novella Kept for eXtasy Books. I also self-published a novella titled, Kept: Book Two in 2014. I hold a B.A. in English/Technical and Scientific Communication from Miami University of Ohio, and I am working on a M.S. in Publishing at Pace University.